Did you know there are many ways to hire T & E Moving and Storage? Here are five of the most popular ways!

Choose any that suits you

T&E Moving and Storage, your premier Jacksonville, FL moving company, is now proud to offer Junk Removal services. In addition to our excellent moving and storage services, we can now dispose of any and all unwanted junk that may be cluttering your home or property.

Furniture Only

Have T & E Moving and Storage move your big heavy furniture. We show up, you tell us which furniture items you need moved where and in what order, we will move them, and then you are on your way!

Furniture and Boxes Only - Most cost-effective options**

Pack your household goods into boxes and move the small / misc. items over yourself. (i.e., plants, lamps, pictures, toys, garage items, etc.… anything that can fit into your vehicle!) Have T & E Moving and Storage move your furniture and boxes only. Most popular…this option is great for anyone moving into their first apartment or home for the summer!

Everything moved

Pack your goods into boxes and have T & E Moving and Storage move everything in your house. Just pack and box your items, label the location of each box, and then tell us where everything goes, that simple!

You don’t lift a finger!

Have T & E Moving and Storage complete a full-service pack and move for you.

  • Day 1 – We come over and pack all your goods into boxes and prepare your items to be moved.
  • Day 2 – We move everything into your new home.

Special rates apply. Must have an onsite estimate done. Almost no work for you…you manage small details; we take care of the big ones!

Labor only

Hire T & E Moving and Storage to load or unload your truck. Great option for people moving in from out of town.  This saves you time and we do the heavy lifting!



We provide the best moving and storage service in Jacksonville, FL

Planning Your Move - 6 Easy Steps

With so many steps involved in the relocation process, it’s hard to decide where to begin, what resources are available to you, and how to begin to schedule your move. T & E Moving and Storage has put together a 6-step guideline to help you plan your next move to ensure that you’re prepared on T & E Moving and Storage.


● Decide which items the movers will take, and which items will stay with you, such as personal and valuable items.
● Identify those items that you wish to leave for the professionals to pack, and which ones you will pack yourself.
● Call T & E Moving and Storage for an estimate on moving services.
● Arrange for packing with T & E Moving and Storage.
● Begin your packing. Start with the items you don’t usually use and reinforce the bottom of boxes with extra tape.
● Write the contents – and the room where it is to be placed upon delivery – on the top and/ or sides of boxes with a permanent marker.
● Use large red lettering to mark boxes containing fragile items.


● Separate or give away flammable, combustible, corrosive or explosive items. By law, the moving company is not permitted to move these materials.
● Do not pack liquid items, bleach, or any other caustic cleaning products. The risk is not worth it.
● If necessary, reserve elevator and/or loading dock.
● Reserve the necessary space on the street where the truck will be parked.


● Keep personal items that you’ll need during the move in one room, such as the master bathroom.
● Defrost, dry, and clean up refrigerators and freezers that will be moved.
● Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers and other power equipment/tools.
● Drain garden hoses.
● Disconnect dryer and disconnect and drain your washing machine. Disconnect cords on television, surround sound, and stereo equipment.
● Plan where your furniture will be placed for the movers to pick up (which room and which wall).
● Consult with T & E Moving and Storage for a reliable cleaning service to clean the house after movers pick up your items.
● Finish your packing – remember to follow our TIPS FOR PACKING.

Tips for Packing

1. Pack linens from the beds and other personal items.
2. Take care of pets.
3. Do a final walkthrough with the foreman, and make sure that everything you want to move is already gone.
4. Confirm that the foreman has a contact phone number to reach you, as well as the direction details for delivery.
5. Make sure windows are closed, closets are empty, lights are out, and doors are locked.
6. Keep your phone turned on and charged, so it’s available throughout T & E Moving and Storage.


1. Be available to work together with the moving crew to place the furniture and boxes in the right spaces at the destination, and to check off items on the inventory.


● Contact schools for children that are transferring.
● Arrange to have utilities and telephones disconnected, and then connected at destination.
● Discontinue delivery services.
● Send change of address cards.
● Plan for your trip (maps, airline tickets, hotel reservation, etc.).
● Keep prescriptions for your family and pets with you.
● If moving long distance, have your car checked prior to your trip.


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Moving is now Hassle Free & Fun with T & E Moving and Storage

T&E Moving and Storage is your premier choice for moving and storage services in Jacksonville, FL. We also serve Ponte Vedra, Anastasia Island, Mandarin, Amelia Island, Fernandina, Nocatee, Jacksonville Beach, Yulee, Orange Park, Saint Johns, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Green Cove Springs, and St. Augustine. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service at an unbeatable price. Our team of Jacksonville moving professionals takes the greatest care with your items from packing, to transit, to unpacking. We know that you have many options to choose from when picking a moving company in Jacksonville, FL. But we can say with confidence that we have remained competitive in this growing industry and have retained a favorable position in a market that is teeming with alternatives. So you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with our services.

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Commercial Relocation Services

With T & E Moving and Storage you can be sure that your office/ commercial moving experience will be hassle-free. If you’re moving to a new facility or have unwanted items to be disposed of, we’ll make your move seamless so you can focus on adjusting to your new home.

Household & Residential Relocation Services

Whether you’re in need of a cross-country moving service or just moving across town, T & E Moving and Storage has the expert team you want on your side. Our quality moving services are unparalleled.

Military & Government Relocation Services

We are honored to serve those who serve our country. T & E Moving and Storage has decades of experience with government and military moving services, so you know when you move with us, you’re moving with the professionals that know how.

Storage Vault Services

We store your personal belongings in a secure storage vault unit(s). T & E Moving and Storage offers secure and convenient storage vault unit(s) options to keep your belongings safe while you plan, pack and execute your home move without feeling overwhelmed. We’re able to provide secure and flexible storage options in a climate-controlled space as well as vault and warehousing needs for your household goods.

Materials for Packing

We have moving supplies! Before moving day rolls around, make sure you review our complete list of moving supplies. We have everything you need from boxes, tape and shrink wrap. It can take several days to pack all the items in your home or apartment, so it’s a good idea to get a head start once you know your moving date. Give yourself enough time to pack each item with care.

Junk Removal Services

We offer a full range of junk removal and hauling services for residential and commercial properties. We are happy to haul items both big and small, so you don’t have to.

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